1. The selected genre and why?

The genre which I have selected for this project is more down the route of fine art rather than design or jewellery. The pieces which I am currently creating are driven forward much more by the concept behind the pieces rather than the materials used. I find that I enjoy creating work which has a message or ideology behind it. Personally, I enjoy exploring modern day issues and concepts which I can relate to and connect with more.

2.Samples of this genre- showing branding, marketing, promotion and packaging.

“I consider myself as an ‘artist’ – and not a ‘designer’ – as I always strive to give a soul to my pieces as well as working on the aesthetic.”

Ornella Iannuzzi

Very simple packaging high lightening the products. Promoting work through trade fairs.


  1. What is being sold? An object? The craftsmanship? The ideology?

I think with what I am creating the ideology behind the product is what is being sold. I feel like as am adding a modern day humour element into the products this is what I am aiming at the customer. Due to this, I will have to make the packaging quite simple, making sure the product is highlighted to the customer and the text easily read.

Is it the context that keeps you researching?

I have been continuing to research modern day humorous valentines day cards so I guess the context does keep me researching this project. I think also the context of modern day dating and just the modern day life in general keep me exploring this type of theme. I’m not really interested in creating objects with no meaning or simply for the way they look.

  1. Do you find enjoyment in the professional promotional side of branding and marketing your objects or something else?

I do find enjoyment in promoting my work through blogging and social media. Branding is something which I haven’t look too much into. I find that it is important to keep people up to date and excited about developing work which I can do through my blog. blogprint.jpg


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