Working in teams our task was to put our identity research findings together to create a brand new piece of work. My team of two interior students, two textile students and myself, a jewellery student, found a common ground in the area of imperfections.

We began to question society’s view on imperfections and what our idea own ideas of imperfections were. We thought about the media and how it makes people believe that they have to be perfect. How we are bombarded with advertisements about the latest beauty products and must have items. Things which, in reality, we don’t need. We quickly came to the conclusion that this is an unrealistic view of the human body and instead of hiding our ‘imperfections’ they should be embraced.

This lead to our final idea of creating wearable jewellery which celebrates imperfections. Jewellery which enhances the appearances of bruises, scars and other bodily ‘blemishes’. It allows the wearer to feel empowered by the jewellery with the use of natures beauty in the form of flower petals. We also used gold foil to symbolise the power and sacredness of the human body. This was all cast in latex which had been formed other human skin to create an accurate representation of skin.

We also created cage like structure to use as a representation of how we feel trapped inside our own bodies. The jewellery pieces were then hung inside the cages to show the beauty which is hidden within us all.

Team IM:PERFECTION- Rachel Wright (IED), Cynthia Wan (IED), Eilidh Forsyth (Textile Design), Jasmine Duns (Textile Design) and Hannah George (Jewellery and Metal Design)


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