As part of this semester with each have to take part in the British Art Medal Society competition to create a medal. I choice to base my medal on the inequality of women and their right be be topless in public. I researched into the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign and their fight to allow women to have the same rights as men. Across America, it is illegal for women to be topless in public in 35 states which includes breast feeding. However, I discovered that in Scotland it is in fact an offence to prevent a person from breastfeeding in public if the child is under the age of two.

I decided to create a piece which could be opened to reveal the nipple or nipples inside. I wanted to create a bra type effect by adding a lace imprint to one side of one of the medals and a clasp to the other. I am also going to attempt to create a QR code on the back of the clasp side.


I found the black sculpting wax to be the easiest to use, it also allowed for an imperfect look. I wanted to create a piece which wasn’t perfect as nor is the human or the human body. Wax is something which I would like to explore further as I found it quite easy to manipulate and to create the effects I desired.

After creating the wax cast, we began the bronze casting process. Firstly we put the wax medals onto sprues and created vents. A ceramic mould was then created of the medals before the bronze was poured.

12188606_10207006112045189_829557031_n 12205030_10207006111485175_2013104620_n12208189_10207006112165192_881912033_n

These were the little trees of medals.


It then came to the hard part of sawing the tree free from the base and then sawing the medals free form the tree.


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