The latest project I have been working on is another project based on skin. However, this time I am focusing more of the aspect of human interaction and touch.  I want to create objects and jewellery which people want to pick up, hold, touch and interact with. This semester has made me realise that I want to create artwork which makes viewers and users want to interact with the pieces I create. I find it so fascinating how different people have different takes on the pieces, I love creating things which make people talk.

I think that it is very important to create things which make people talk due to the loss of physical touch and interaction in modern society via the creation of social media.

As well as continuing to experiment with liquid latex (a material I seem to always come back to), I have also been using porcelain. I have grown to really enjoy using this. I have also realise that I am very driven by materials and creating pieces via playing around with materials instead of sticking to a sketchbook. I also been to enjoy materials which I can use my hands to mould.

From this, I have created  what I like to call the ‘Touch Imprint’ which is basically the imprint of the palm and fingers, kinda like the negative space.  What I like about this is that it makes people want to pick it up and try to fit their hands and fingers around it. IMG_20160316_101157853.jpg

I have also been imprinting skin into the porcelain which has given a really new texture to the pieces. I have began to experiment with combining this with oxidising and glazing. What I think is quite interesting about glazing the pieces, is that they lose the skin imprints. This led me on to further think about the lose of touch due to social media and how glazing the pieces could symbolise this lose. 524800RKfESKY6.jpg524800tLBAa3HS.jpg


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