After experimenting with different ways in which I could create skin imprints in a variety of materials, I settled on creating my pieces from porcelain. I decided not to include latex as I found that I liked the simple look of the pieces being solely porcelain with metal frames. 13140903_10206619195065015_348097061_n.jpg

After creating the frames for the porcelain,  I began to look at ways I could create brooch fittings for the pieces. I began making the frames in a wider tubing but quickly realised that if I used smaller tubing there would be less holes and the pieces would look cleaner in a way. What I did not take into consideration was the sizes of the fittings and the size of the steel. I did manage to get steel which fitted the pieces. However, moving the frames meant weakening the joints in the metal and when I was putting the fittings on- the pieces kept falling apart. This led to the pieces not being that highly polished as I was afraid to break them further. So, if I had more time I would create new frames for the pieces with what I have learnt from this batch.

The porcelain pieces  are all oxidised to allow the wearers and viewers to see the skin imprinted on the pieces. They are then half glazed as I discovered that this removed the skin imprint from the pieces. This is to represent the lose of touch in the digital age. I created ‘The Touch Imprint’ objects are a way in which the viewers can interact with the pieces- holding, touching and trying to fit their hands and fingers around them. The white porcelain pieces at the top are to show the simplicity of the material and how it picks up the skin imprints.

I really like the way the porcelain turned out and the shapes I was able to create with it. Ceramics is definitely an area I would like to explore further, as I prefer to create things by using my hands. I really like the way in which the metal looks as if it is crushing or squashing the porcelain to create the shape which it is in. Although, I do like the pieces, I know technically they can be a lot better and it is something that I am working on after learning a lot from creating these pieces. 13090059_10206619194785008_1137723078_n.jpg


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